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KMIC Technology is a leading U.S. supplier of high performance solid-state active components. Our products utilize a mix of the latest advances in MMIC device technology and proprietary module designs.

Our product philosophy is to combine advanced production ready device technology with our extensive module library and design capability to offer our customers the highest performance, quality, availability, and cost competitive solutions. communication tower

  • KMIC Technology's Solid State Active Components operate over 500 Mhz to 50 Ghz. These components consist of Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA), Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), Intermediate Power Amplifiers (IPA), Up and Down Converters, and Transceiver Modules. KMIC Technology's products are designed specifically for service in Point-to-Point Radio (PTP), Mobile Van ENG terrestrial radio, Wireless Local Loop (WLL) equipment, and fixed/mobile satellite earth stations operating in S, C, X, Ku, Tri-Band, DBS, and Ka band uplink frequencies. Our X-Band and Ku-Band Power Amplifiers are used in commercial and military Radars. KMIC Technology's wide band octave and multi-octave bandwidth products find applications in military EW, Test and Simulation equipment.
  • KMIC Technology utilizes a "building block" approach. We use standard design modules assembled in compact aluminum connectorized housings, which are then aligned and tested to meet our customer's overall active component specifications. This approach allows KMIC Technology to supply components that are customized to meet our customer's applications and specific system requirements.
  • The KMIC Technology catalog on this website covers many standard products in all our product categories. If you cannot find a standard product that meets all your requirements, please consult the factory to discuss our capability to provide your exact requirements. KMIC Technology's products are typically customer specified and likely represent the most cost effective way to procure high performance products that meet program cost targets.


KMIC Technology, Inc. is currently seeking Representatives in the following Territories: Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Alabama Apply online

Wireless Communications


We are committed to providing the RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave markets with high quality, advanced performance, and cost effective components that enhance our customer's ability to thrive in the most competitive and demanding business environments. Our products are designed to meet the most challenging requirements of the following OEM markets.
  • PTP and PTMP Radio Links
  • SATCOM ground terminals
  • Wireless Access and WLL